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Our school plaques are of great value. In these hard economic times, you could buy a smart-looking award for a smart price, making you the genius when you present your scholars with a beautiful award without going over budget. Our academic plaques are available in a variety of size options, starting at 4" x 6" up to 12" x 16". We offer three different styles, so you can customize the awards to fit your organization's personality. Choose from the sturdy, solid walnut plaque, the popular cherry finish plaque, or the stylish black marble plaque.

One of our best sellers is the acrylic school ice award. I love these academic trophies! They are not only super economical, but they are also super cool!! Academic ice awards come in 3 sparkling styles and 2 sizes. Each style has an insert for a mylar, which you choose when ordering. We have a large selection of mylar decals for you to make your scholastic ice award as cool as the student receiving it.

Check out our impressive assortment of school medals; we have the hottest new styles. Look at the new dog tag medals, the mesmerizing, spinning medals, or the dazzling, tri-color medals. Of course, you can never go wrong with the traditional academic medal, and H&R offers a huge variety to choose from. We also offer a large choice of colors in 3 ribbon size options. All at very affordable prices, and we offer optional engraving on your academic medals.

If you want to purchase conventional school trophies, we have sizes ranging from the simple base with a scholastic trophy topper to a large two-post trophy.

  • Want something unique? We have detailed resin statue school trophy awards in an assortment of awesome styles, ranging from the inspirational to the whimsical. Promote school spirit and award the student at the same time with our mascot awards or if you have a genius comedian (every class has one), take a look at the bobble-heads