Martial Arts

Welcome to our martial arts trophies and awards page.  Here you will find links (see below) to our karate, judo, tae kwon do, kickboxing and other martial arts trophies, plaques, medals, acrylic awards and the very popular resin statues.

Our trophies begin with the simple base and figure and end with a 36 inch four post trophy, with single, double and triple post trophies in between. We have a great assortment of martial arts figures to choose from.

Martial Arts plaques include our emblem plaques and the detailed resin oval plaques.  Our plaques are great awards for your students, instructors, coaches, sponsors and tournament award plaques.

We have three styles of acrylic awards all are very inexpensive and great for martial art tournaments where cost is a concern.

You may choose from a large selection of resin martial arts statues.  These are very nice awards and a good value; they are perfect presentation trophies for all levels of participation.

Our martial arts medals are available with ribbons, presentation boxes, and engraving and come in your choice of gold, silver, or bronze.

We hope you enjoy visiting our martial arts award pages below; we will do our best to make your trophy shopping experience hassle-free.


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Flame Ice Martial Arts Trophies
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Male Karate Trophy Figure FIG7508
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Male Karate Trophy Figure RP84165
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Yin Yang Trophy Figure FIG7439
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