Boxing and Wrestling Trophy Figures

H&R Trophies offer you a fine selection of boxing and wrestling figures to top our trophies. Not all boxing and wrestling figures are the same, some are taller and some have features such as spinning or motion graphics. So they have different prices. Some track trophy figures cost $2.10 and some cost $3.30 or more. The cost of a boxing or wrestling trophy begins with the figure you choose to top your trophy (see below).

Boxing and wrestling  trophies have a variety of styles and sizes, ranging from the simple base and figure to an impressive four post trophy. Not all trophies styles cost the same, some customers just want a boxing or wrestling trophy, colors and styles are not that important to them. Another customer may want specific color column and bases, they also have a certain style or type of track trophy in mind. We have tried to make it easy for both types of customers to order online.

To begin the selection process, select a boxing or wrestling trophy figure below and click on it. Most wrestling trophy figure pages will have information regarding that wrestling figure such as height of figure, color of figure and any special feature that wrestling figure has.

Most wrestling trophy figure page will include 4 or 5 trophies styles that may be purchased on that page. These are for customers that don?t want to go through the complete selection process. The trophies shown on the figure pages will be shipped with column and base we have on hand.

These boxing and wrestling trophy styles will have a price which is added to the cost of the track figure you select. Example wrestler RP80755 cost $2.25 a small base and engraved plate cost $3.25 The total cost of base and track figure RP80755 is $5.50 this includes 40 characters of FREE ENGRAVING. If your purchase is $125.00 or more we will ship your track trophies free.

I you want a particular column and base color or a custom height boxing or wrestling trophy follow the instructions on the track figure page to select those options. If you have any questions about purchasing a track trophy please call 1-800-787-8777, our friendly staff and they will be glad to assist you.