Coon Hunting Plaque Awards

Purchase plaques for your next hunt by choosing one of our plaque sets.  One of the advantages to buying a plaque set is FREE shipping, each plaque set comes with free shipping.  If you buy a set and need to add a water race, field trial or bench show you can give us a call or email & we will get those added to your order so you get the free shipping.  

When you order a plaque set and don't give all the places away at your event, it is easy to fill in plaques.  Just order the plaques for the places you gave away.  Many clubs don't put a date on the plaque, which makes filling the orders easier.  You can also order replacement plates to put on the plaques.

 If you would rather put together your own set you may select the sizes and styles of plaques below.

You may select the picture you want or just ask us to mix them for you.