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Baseball Trophies and Awards

We offer a fine line of baseball trophies, baseball plaques, baseball medals, ribbons for baseball, baseball ice awards and more. Our baseball award are divided into categories and with just a click or two you can see pictures, prices and specifics. You will be able to place your order, make your choices to customize your baseball awards and add your engraving information. Please scroll down and click the baseball award link to the product you are interested in, shop and order your baseball items.

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Baseball Trophies

We have a large selection of toppers for our baseball trophies and various trophy style options to choose from. Our baseball trophies range from the simple base and baseball figure trophy up to a 5 foot, 4 post baseball trophy.


Baseball Plaques

If you are shopping for Baseball Plaques awards, we have some of the best prices in the industry. Our Baseball Image Plaques are unique and very pleasing to the eye. Sizes range from a 4" by 6" up to a 12" by 15" baseball plaque. We also have Resin Baseball Plaques and Emblem Baseball Plaques.



Baseball Medals

Baseball Medals awards are a popular selection to present individual players in youth baseball leagues and school teams. We have shooting stars baseball medals, dog tag baseball medals, spinning baseball medals and many more.



Baseball Ice Awards

One of our less expensive and coolest looking awards are the Acrylic Ice Baseball Awards. We have 3 styles, each with two size options.



Resin Baseball Statue Trophies

We also have Resin Baseball Statue Awards, available for hitters, pitchers and fielders. And of course we have Baseball Bobble Heads.



Baseball Letter Pins

If you need Baseball Letter Pins we have, baseball, bars, captain, co-captain and more.



Baseball Ribbons

If you are looking for Baseball Award Ribbons, we have stock and custom printed in card and string, bookmark and the larger rosette ribbons.


We hope you enjoy visiting the baseball award pages below; we will do our best to make your trophy shopping experience hassle free. If you have any questions please call 1-800-787-8777 or send an email