R3R Bench Show Trophies with a single round column and trim.
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Bench Show Trophy with trim and risers.

R3R Bench Show Trophies with a single round column and trim.
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The R3R bench show trophy is a single post-round column trophy with a riser and two added trims.  This trophy includes a base, round column, riser, coon in tree figure 661, trim figures, and 40 characters of printing.  The round column trophy is a nice award for an inexpensive price. Your trophy base will be a weighted plastic base, and you may choose a white marble, black marble, or walnut color. We feel these bases look as good as marble and have less chance of breakage in shipment.

Your trophies may be purchased from 10 to 18 inches tall, allowing you to graduate the heights of the trophies concerning the place.  If you need more than 40 characters of printing, the additional cost would be $.07 per character.  The printing plate is gold with black print.

The R3R bench show trophy is priced by height and figures selected. The starting price is $9.99 for and 10 inches tall trophy with a base and column in stock.  When you select the height of the trophy, you will see the additional cost for that height trophy.    

We use a high-quality weighted plastic base, which is more durable than marble (it doesn't break in shipping). We will send the base color we have in stock when you order unless you select a color. You can pick from white marble color, black marble color, or walnut color. We use a base in stock, but you may specify a crescent or rectangular base for your dog trophies. Most of our bases are about an inch in height. We print on a gold color plaque with black print. Be sure to scroll down the see all the options available to you.


Most dog trophies are shipped before seven business days. Standard shipment is UPS ground. However, we can ship via UPS air or USPS if needed. If you need the order sooner, we can add a $20 rush charge. If ordering multiple items, only mark one item as a rush. Special shipping and rush orders must be confirmed by phone at 1-800-787-8777.


If you have any extra printing charges, they will be e-mailed to you. The store invoice will not show the extra charge.

Business hours are 8:30 am to 4:00 pm central time. Bench Show

Trophies orders may be placed online anytime at this safe and secure store.